Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to remove Delta Toolbar ( - from Internet Explorer 10 and Chrome browsers

Delta Toolbar is an adware apps that might be accidentally installed on the web-browsers without you realizing it. This apps usually comes as a complimentary when installing apps with the like of Webex codex. It's an annoying Toolbar with ads around it for example eBay, Amazon, Top sites search link and also banner ads on the search box.

Once it is installed on the browsers, Delta Toolbar is automatically set as default with the homepage The search results is leading to a modified link of Yahoo search

All these sequence of annoying pops up are made of adware that is intended to advertise something for the gain.

How to remove the Delta Toolbar from Chrome

1. Go to Toolbar Icon on the top right hand side Click Tools>>Extensions
2. Uninstall the Delta Toolbar extension

How to remove from Internet Explorer 10

1. Go Start>>Control Panel>>Uninstall Programs and right click to uninstall the Delta Chrome Toolbar and Delta Toolbar
2. It should solve the problem.

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