Saturday, October 5, 2013

Adobe Media Player - Useless Apps

Have you ever notice a software called Adobe Media Player 1.1 installed in the Control Panel>>Program and Features>>Uninstall program list? The name adobe sound very legit and convincing, but the fact is this software is a useless and perhaps malicious. The application is using the original Adobe Air technology to stream online internet TV or whatever videos that using flash to run them.

However Adobe Media Player icon does not exist in the program menu, desktop or the task bar. It can be opened by searching the program from the Start>>Search bar with keyword "Adobe Media Player". The player actually do nothing and it seems dead without any functionality. When the application is opened, check on the TaskBar Manager you will noticed the strange file description (69f7c8.rbf).

How to get rid of the program simply go to the Control Panel>>Program and Features>>Uninstall program and right click to uninstall it.

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