Friday, September 27, 2013

How to fix stucked rusty gate roller wheels

Because the house gate stays outside in the open, it is constantly exposed to the hot and cold weather as well as the rain. Apart from that the roller wheels also contacted with muds and sands from the ground. As a results from these conditions the roller wheels of the gate will eventually becoming rusty, squeaky, and difficult to move. When the time come it will need to be service before it becoming annoyingly difficult to open or stuck. Below is some idea and equipments you can use to fix my gates roller wheels.

1. WD-40 Bolt looser sprays. Spray all the roller wheels wherever it requires and keep moving the gate back and forth to loosen the rusts. It will eventually become smoother
2. Apply lubricant oil i.e. Left over car engine oils (black oil) or better to apply grease oil
3. It should be fine after that. This is a normal process that you will need to do as long as the gate is using roller wheels.

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  1. Learned from experience it is not recommended to apply grease on the roller wheels because grease is very sticky and it attracts sands and muds with it and feel the gap of the wheels that will make it worst.

    Better to use left over or use lubricant of car engine oil and the WD-40 bolt looser.