Sunday, October 23, 2011

Payment Proof from Bluehost Affiliate

Bluehost affiliate program is no scam, in fact i am using their hosting service as well for my site free classified site Below is the payment proof from Bluehost USD $130 via Paypal. In order to get your payment the requirement is as long as you hit the minimum payout amount which is $100 then you are eligible for payment. It takes 45 days to process from the day you hit $100. The bottom line is each signup you are getting USD $65. For example i got only 2 signup with total $130 earning and you are more than eligible for payout.

Why Bluehost is one of the web-hosting.

1. Unlimited Space
2. Unlimited Bandwidth
3. Affordable rates
4. Partners: Wordpress, Zen Cart, Drupal, PhpBB, Magento Joomla, etc.
5. Great for blogs and e-commerce hosting

What you have to do to make money with bluehost: sell their service to earn USD $65 for each user sign up. No hidden charges, all you have to do is just sell their service to other fellow webmasters who wants to make websites. The affiliate is free of charge to join. This is is not MLM or Pyramid scheme lol.


  1. does blue host really pays you in paypal ?and on which date they pay the comission

    1. Yes they do - they will pay as long as you reach $100 and their terms of payment can be read on their Terms and conditions