Friday, August 5, 2011

How to sync blogger post in Facebook Notes

Getting more traffic to read article that you write is what blogging is all about. Otherwise it is not exciting as there are no one to read or engage what you have written. One of the ways to do this is using Facebook social network site. Usually Facebook audiences are those who are more closer to you as the network groups are mostly friends and families. They are more like to engage in your blogs as feel sense of common interest towards what you do.

Basically there two places to automatically sync blogger post in Facebook using the same method "Facebook Notes". The first place to sync blogger post is the main profile page of your Facebook and the other one is Facebook custom page. How to do it follow the step below.

Post automatically on the Facebook Notes main profile page:

1. Facebook "Profile"⇒Notes
2. Click "Write Notes"
3. Click on any of the Facebook Notes options i.e. "My Notes"
4. Click on the "Edit Import Settings"
5. Go to your blog address i.e.
6. Scroll down to the bottom page of the blog and look for "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)> Right click on the post atom and copy the url address i.e.
7. Paste it on the Facebook notes> click "Start Importing". Done!!
8. Try to make new post on your blogger and go to your pagebook profile page you will see it will automatically post

Post Blogger on Facebook page (assumed Facebook page already created)

1. On Facebook left side bar click "Pages"⇒Select page
2. Edit Page⇒Apps
3. Notes>Go to App (If not yet enabled click Edit Settings)
4. Write Notes>Click any options i.e. My Notes
5. Edit Import Settings
6. Go to blogger blog⇒Scroll down to bottom page and get the URL from the "Subscribe to: Post (Atom)
7. Paste to Facebook Notes "Web URL" Start Importing. Done!!
8. To test: Try to write a post on blogger and go to your Facebook page. It should automatically post on the Facebook page Wall.

Note: Other blogs with RSS feed URL such as Wordpress, Typepad, Livejournal, etc also can be post automatically to Facebook Notes. Having Facebook page if you have particular topics where people are engage in group discussion.


  1. Is it possible to import non-blogger blogs on Facebook now? If I import our blog does it also involve same steps as you enumerated above?

  2. Hi geripit yes you can as long as it is in rss feed format. The steps is the same as describe.

  3. Hi ,
    Notes is no longer working the way it
    should and I'v tried the Networkedblogs
    tool to solve this gap.

    Networkedblogs is a great tool but it
    draws my facebook fans away instead of directing
    them to my own blog.

    I have since tried out "RSS Graffiti"which direct all readers back to your designated facebook page or blog.

    Create New Publishing Plan -> Add New Source-> Add New Target -> Done!

    Hope it works for you too.

    See how my blog
    works with my facebook page

    1. Yeah RSS grafitti is another way of doing works perfectly as explained by Alan chow

  4. I can't see the 'edit import setting' or even the small 'subscription icon' on my note page. Is it needed additional setting for this? If so, do you know how to do it? :-$

    1. I think facebook has remove it to prevent spamming...just use the RSS grafitti as alternative it works the same way