Monday, September 8, 2014

How to fix BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot

Bootmgr image missing or corrupt due to any of the following reasons:

1. Deliberately changing the boot sequence in the BIOS setup
2. Un-seat/Re-seat the device cable connector (Harddisk, CD/DVD Drive)
3. Outdated Bios
4. Faulty motherboard

However to assume motherboard is faulty before any fixes done would be a bad mistakes. This is what happened to my computer when removing the faulty Video Cards from the PCI-E slots. After removing it, the message keeps appearing BOOTMGR image is corrupt during boot. The system cannot boot. So what i've tried

1. Changing the boot sequenced
2. Try to boot from CD/DVD to allow the Windows 7 installation to boot

The problem persisted despite of many trial and errors. So the last options i have was to update the BIOS which seems to work

1. Update BIOS by doing this
  • Using 1 USB Flash Drive (Ready to be formatted)
  • Download Rufus DOS Bootable ( --> Exactly
  • Extract the Rufus.exe to Flash drive where it will format the USB Flash drive and install Free DOS inside
  • Download BIOS update file for your motherboard -- mine is Each motherboard has its own bios file provided by the manufacturer. If you don't know your Motherboard exact model us the CPUID to detect the exact model of your motherboard --
  • Copy the BIOS updates file to the USB
2. Restart/Turn the PC and go to BIOS setup usually by pressing F2. Setup the boot sequence to have USB flash drive first and restart the PC for the changes to take effect

3. Once the PC starting to boot then start to update your motherboard BIOS. Remember updating bios is very risky, any premature updates or wrong update could possibly make it permanent faulty.

4. After the BIOS is updated remove the USB flash drive and try whether the PC can boot if still cannot then

5. Try to switch the cable Hard-disk connection to a different connector and try again

Hopefully it will works.

Other symptoms of Boot manager corrupted:

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Copper wire scrap from faulty Alba hand mixer machine

Copper wire usually can be found in most motor operated machine, it is wrapped around the central rotor and sometimes along side the rotor as an electromagnetic mechanism to spin the motor. In small scale motor application such as remote control toy car commonly run on dynamo motor where magnets and copper is used. In hand mixer mechanism it is completely using a combination of iron metal and copper wire to produce the magnetic force to runs the motor. The electromagnet force gets activated when it is connected to power source (electricity) where it can produce a significant amount of force capable of spinning in sticky cake dough making.

Taking out the copper from the central rotor may looks difficult but it's not impossible if you try. However the easiest copper wire to get is from the electromagnetic parts where you can just unwrap and put it on empty spool. The interesting part is the copper wire is wrapped in 2 layers where the outer layer is using thicker copper and thinner copper on the inner layer. So you will get 2 copper wire rolls from the electromagnetic part itself.

You can check in eBay how much you can get for 1 spool of copper wire like this. Apart from that you have a central motor and ready made housing that can be used as hobby materials. Other minor scraps you can get are the aluminium plated casing and miscellaneous ready assembled electronic components such as on/off switch, power cable, the turbo boost switch.

How to improve camera and video cam blurry focus clarity at close range?

Lights is the most important condition when taking videos or pictures of an objects. Not enough lighting is the most frequent condition compare excessive lighting and the result is produce blurry output image/video of an objects. It usually happens to low-end camera/video devices including of those in mobile phones specifications of 8 or lower megapixels.

The focus can be improved using a magnifying glass place in front of the lens. Based on testing this only works for shooting pictures/videos at close range and it won't work for farther range probably because it has enough light within the distance. What it does at close range is, it project the focus towards the object thus making it more clearer. Beside improving focus, the clarity and in-depth details of the object also revealed significantly.

Remember this testing done for a camera/video devices that is only around 8 megapixels and i am not sure if it improves anything that has higher pixels than that or high tech camera that is equipped with better technology. This test using Cannon Ixus 12.1 Megapixel camera in video mode.

Although magnifying glass may not be the most practical way to improve a camera/video focus, but at least it works when you need for normal ordinary use. Apart from that magnifying glass is way cheaper around $1 to $2 USD made in China compare to extension lens to improve mediocre cameras/videos devices.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fuji Xerox M205b - Laser Printer tough fix

This is a review about the pain in the ass Fuji Xerox M205b laser printer. No doubt the printing output of this printer is good and it also comes with built-in scanner and copy machine. However the frequency of paper jammed in the printer is quite often from the simplest to the most complicated situation, and sometimes it takes a lot of efforts to get them out of the printer.

It would be worst if there small pieces of paper stuck inside the deep structure of the printer, and this could be a nightmare to fix it yourself. The fixes is not for the novice and in-experience individuals. The printer is assembled by tight plastic clips covers and also complicated cables. The process of dismantling the parts  is painstakingly require careful details and patience to open up each covers and parts.

, as for the novice you will need to be careful with the fragile plastic parts as well as the original positions of each parts. Otherwise certain parts ended up broken and annoyingly challenging to put it back in its original place.

Therefore i don't think this is a good printer for personal home use as we cannot afford to call technician every time there's problem with complicated paper jam, electronic indicators and complicated mechanical failures within the printer.

Yokohama Dry Cell Battery (B34B20LMF) for Alza

If you prefer maintenance free battery, this one is considerably not so bad. I've been using this for quite sometimes since replacing the dead liquid battery. There was a problem using the liquid battery when the steam leak out from the breathing hole of the seal cap read here The result of the leak have some corrosive effects on the metal and plastic materials around the engine. So when it was dead, I've opted to use the Yokohama Dry Cell Battery (B34B20LMF) for RM180. It's true there was no maintenance at all during it's life time until it is dead now.

It last almost exactly around 1 year 6 months since the first time using it. Before it is totally dead, there was an indication the car having difficulty to turn on and it's very must be the battery and after checked with the local workshop yes indeed it requires to be changed. Since the workshop has no stock now using Hyundai Enercell (Dry Cell Battery). The good thing about the Hyundai dry cell there is an indicator when it should be replaced but for the time being there is no record for me to compare how long it would last.

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