Monday, May 18, 2015

Scrap mineral plastic water bottle - watering can (DIY)

This is not so amazing idea but it's okay when you have nothing and not willing to spend any dime and time going to the hardware shop just to buy a fancy watering can. Just searched around your home and you should be able to find plenty of scrap mineral water bottle that you can turn them into watering can. In this case i am using 1.5 liter mineral water bottle scrap - the bigger the volume should be better as it can carry more water and save time refilling it.

It's very simple - just use a sharp object to poke some holes on the seal caps and fill it with water and you are ready to go. Two bottles of 1.5 liter is enough to water 4 small plants and this is what i am currently using.

That's how to make use of scrap mineral water.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Diagnose/check fault in Black and Decker pressure jet washer cannot turned on (DIY)

This Black & Decker pressure jet pump washer cannot turned on - and we are going to diagnose the fault if we need to buy a new unit based on the technician advice. Fortunately the unit assembly is not so sophisticated or over complicated to open. It's a very simple built and components such as switch, motor, and the power plug that's all as well as screws that holds them together.

Using a Multi-meter we can check where the fault is and the goal is to find out where the current breaks. At the same time I am also checking if there is any physical damage to the motor.

First - we start from the power plug to check if the fuse is working. Use continuity setting on the multi-meter and see the screen indicator - if it is showing 1 it means no continuity or if it shows 0 or random number that means there is continuity. In this checking the fuse is working fine.

Second - check the positive and negative cable to see if there is continuity and it shows 1 meaning there is breakage of electric current somewhere from the plug all to the way to the motor. This where to start one by one to check where the fault.

Third - check each of the power plug cable one by one (negative and positive). In this task i am checking the positive cable first by putting one probe on one end and another to the other end. Repeat the same step for the negative cable. The result for this is good for both cable - meaning there is continue and no breakage along the way.

Fourth - Check continue on the on/off switch by turning it on and test continuity. The result is good

Fifth - Continue of positive and negative cable that coming out from the motor by placing one from on the positive and another on the negative. The result = 1 meaning there is no continuity. Then check each of the positive / negative cable just like the third step - it shows both cable is good and have continuity. That means there is something wrong in the motor.

Finally - check the motor electrical current if it can generate current. Change the multi-meter setting to direct current using 2000 m value to check the minimum current the motor can produce when it spin. Then spin the motor manually by hand. In this case the voltage value still zero which means the motor must have internal damage either the winding copper coil is broken somewhere.

This conclude that the Black & Decker pressure pump is maybe worth it to get a new one since it is not easy to fix the winding copper coil especially somewhere within complicated area.