Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to take pictures using Samsung Galaxy A5 with always on flashlight

The original Samsung Camera apps doesn't have the constant flashlight functionality. The instant flash doesn't help much when taking pictures in the dark or low lighting as it only works during when during shooting. As a result the picture taken either does not have a clear cut focus and poor ambiance.

So the camera need a constant flashlight to shoot picture in the dark - so that we can adjust the focus and the zoom distance at will without guessing. The result of the picture taken will be more clearer beside having a sense of intentional focus. Apart from that it also reveals the in-depth detail of the object taken especially when it is shot from a close range.

To solve the flashlight problem we need another camera application that comes with the constant flashlight features. There are plenty of FREE Android camera apps from the Google Play Store and these are to name a few that I've tried.

1. Camera Flash Free - very simple primitive camera functionality comes with zoom and always on flash light. The lighting feature is very good and it can reveal in-depth detail of an object if taken from close range. Disadvantage of this apps it's just too plain simple without any other functionality other than the ads at the bottom.

2. Camera 360 Ultimate - This is quite good free camera apps for android comes with all sort of functionality to take pictures in several modes. However despite of the advance feature the lightning function is not as good as the Camera Flash Free. In addition the apps resource usage is quite heavy for the processor and memory where it tend to lag when using it. So personally i don't recommend to use the Camera360 Ultimate.

You can download more of them in Google Play Store

Monday, June 29, 2015

What is GWX.exe and GWXUX.exe process in the task manager - virus?

GWX.exe is the notification for Windows 10 free upgrades from Microsoft and it is not a malware, virus or trojan active files. Based on the information from the task bar icon it will be available for download after 29 July 2015. However despite of this good will effort from Microsoft about this good news - it's very nice annoying the notice consistently stays in the Taskbar and running in the background.

Looking at the system performance info the GWXUX.exe takes quite a significant amount of memory for being consistently running in the background.

The file are located at the System 32 folder C:\Windows\System32\GWX and it will run automatically when Windows started. To stop it just right click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager then right click on the GWX.exe and end process. Do the same for the GWXUX.exe as they are not needed at all the time.