Friday, June 24, 2016

How to make blinking / flashing LED - easy DIY for beginners

This project is easy and simple for enthusiastic beginners in electronic

1 x 5 volt or 9 volt or 12 volt Relay
1 x 4700uF electrolyte capacitor
1 x 270 Ohm resistor
1 x LED - This is up to you and you can put 5 or 6 depends on your preference.

You can play around with different capacitance rating of the capacitor to see the effect on the flashing LED as you can see on the video the largerthe capacitance the slower the flash otherwise it flash faster. You can also play around with different rating of resistors or add more LEDs. Use a breadboard / prototype board to build this so that to allow flexibility to play around with the components effect on the circuit.

Some testing ideas that can test on the circuit - use a breadboard for easier manipulation of the components.

1. Add more LEDs
2. Arrange LEDs in Parallel or Series
3. Try different capacitance of the capacitor
4. Try different resistance of the resistor

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