Sunday, October 1, 2017

LNA Wideband 100 mHz to 4 Ghz RF amplifier / booster circuit diagram

Another simple circuit for Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) wideband with frequency range between 100 Mhz ~ 4 Ghz RF amplifier booster. Great for mobile signal especially 4G LTE or HSDPA and HSDPA plus to boost the signal. Below is the schematic diagram.

Electronic Component:

5 x Resistors: 2.2 Ohm, 50 Ohm, 220 Ohm, 450 Ohm, 620 Ohm
1 x Inductor: 1 uH
2 x RF Transistor: BFP740
2 Ceramic capacitor: 1nF each at the input and output


  1. Thanks for posting this circuit. i can see that it is a darlington pair transistor in potential divider biasing mode. However i need your help to explain how the circuit will work. i trying to build an RF power amplifier for an FM transmitter, will it work? the darlington pair being current amplification system, can it amplify power as well? the out put of the RF Power amplifier i want to build will be connected to and antenna. thanks

    1. What kind of radio do you build and what are the basic component involved? I understand most of the radio circuit out there are very difficult to receive signal but this Auto scan radio even in closed room it can receive radio signal without even an antenna - if you add antenna just a simple one i am sure it will be more channel and clearer

    2. WE are building an FM transmitter. so far we are through with pre amp, oscillaor, driver. what is remaining is the Rf power amp. i was hoping you can help give a little explanation on how your circuit works so that we may use it in Rf power amp stage.