Saturday, January 28, 2017

Simple easy step up current experiment using (N851, TIP41C, 06N03LA, S80)

One of the research I am working on is to harness small amount of energy to power up lights. I thought if we could consolidate these small amount of energy and combine them into one - that would bring significant benefit to humanity especially places where there is no electricity. So this experiment just a simple Toroid inductor 8.3 mH and some NPN transistors / N Channel mosfets.

The video shows how low the voltage for the transistors / mosfets to light up the LED and it's maximum performance. As you can see transistors operate between 0.250 mV to 1 Volt while the mosfet operating at 1.5 Volts to 5 Volts.

Very simple schematic diagram

Energy Harvesting | Mosfet Joule Thief | Transistor Joule Thief | N851 Joule Thief | TIP41C Transistor Step Up Voltage Booster | Mosfet DC to DC booster |

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