Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lopi seeds (bua' lopi)

Doh ku' skia pu'an oni adon bua' koyuh tih daang sinda Bijagoi amot amot lagi' daang bahasa de' bokon. Ku pu'an adon bua' lopi tih tuong so nya'a de bi jua noh geh. Tujuan eh ku ya suba oni nyam sap eh.

Jadin ngan ku mo' mokuok tonok eh daang pi'in bongoh mun tih leh mun bua' lopi tih. Sap eh ogik sinog sinog nyam sap kasang (peanut). Dusah sinda bogok odop ingan ninga' gamal tih sak nyek pu'an oni mun de' nang nya'a bua' lopi.

Loosely translated as:

I don't know what is this seed call in Bijagoi - what more to say in other languages. I've known the name from the seller himself. My intention to buy was to try how it taste like

So after cooking in hot boiling water this is how it looks. The taste is almost like peanut. Nothing much to talk about just look at the pictures below how the Lopi seed is like.

Tih mun kluang bua' tih selepas kuiet kobang eh. (This is the inner seed after the shell is peeled off)

Bua' lopi ngan aluo' di kuiet kobang - songot potok (Lopi seed before the shell are peeled off - black)

Deh leh de' ilan kuk in nya'an nang. Oni nai nik kluang totap ogik duoh lapis samah duoh kayang kluang bua' koyuh de bokon (dien, tibodak, nakak, etc).

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