Sunday, July 15, 2012

Easy way to tune a guitar - Free Pro Guitar Tuner

Guitar tuning looks very easy, but for beginners it can be a daunting task to get the guitar to pick up the correct sound. The difficulties is you can't really determine how high or low the pitch should be.

You can actually get an electronic guitar tuner to make your life easier. It's really worth it even though it may cost some money.

Another way to tune a guitar is to use the online Guitar Tuner from pro Guitar website which can be found HERE. All you need is an internet to surf the site and a microphone to transmit the sound of your guitar to the computer. The tuning accuracy of the application is superb and interestingly enough you can do any kind of tuning you like such as Standard Tuning, Down a half step, Drop D, etc.

I usually use standard Tuning Guitar which is the E A D G B E where;

E = 6th String (The largest of all the string)
A = 5th string
D = 4th string
G = 3rd string
B = 2nd string
E = 1st string

How to use pro Guitar Tuner:

1. Get pc microphone and plug it into your computer
2. Play each string and tune it until the sound pick the correct chord on the Pro Guitar Tuner for example 6th string should be E chord. Apart from that make sure the Guitar Tuner's meter is pointing to "0" which is the middle and this indicate accuracy of the chords sound. Tune each string to match its chord.
3. Once all the strings are tuned to their respective chords. Play the major the major chord and all should be correctly tuned. And your guitar should sound like a professional tuned guitar ;)

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