Friday, January 4, 2019

How to change sliding gate roller wheel u-groove bottom

Just record for future reference: Changing the roller gate for the first time takes a bit of challenge not to mention measuring the wrong size diameter and keep going back and forth to the shop to exchange a new one. So this challenge gives a little bit of experience how to do it better next time.

A place to buy the roller Wee Yang Hardware Sdn Bhd Tabuan Jaya.

Price = RM19 each roller
Size Diameter = 6.8 cm / 68 mm ~ approximately 2.67 inches

How to do:

1. Remove screws do not lift up the gate yet. This is to prevent screws from turning both sides which requires two spanners to open it. With the gate still on the ground the screw unable to move both sides due to the weight of the gate

2. Once screw removed then removing the roller wheel from the socket then lift up. -- use brick or wood to hold the gate uplifted

3. Put in the screws then put back the gate in place - This is to prevent the screws from turning both sides when tightening the screws

change gate wheel roller

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