Sunday, June 17, 2018

ICS501 PLL Clock Multiplier - Frequency Generator / Frequency Multiplier


The ICS501 LOCOTM is the most cost effective way to generate a high-quality, high-frequency clock output from a lower frequency crystal or clock input. The name LOCO stands for Low Cost Oscillator, as it is designed to replace crystal oscillators in most electronic systems. Using Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) techniques, the device uses a standard fundamental mode, inexpensive crystal to produce output clocks up to 160 MHz. Stored in the chip’s ROM is the ability to generate nine different multiplication factors, allowing one chip to output many common frequencies (see table on page 2). The device also has an output enable pin which tri-states the clock output when the OE pin is taken low. This product is intended for clock generation. It has low output jitter (variation in the output period), but input to output skew and jitter are not defined or guaranteed. For applications which require defined input to output skew, use the ICS570B.


• Packaged as 8-pin SOIC, MSOP, or die
• RoHS 5 (green) or RoHS 6 (green and lead free) compliant packaging
• IDT’s lowest cost PLL clock
• Zero ppm multiplication error
• Input crystal frequency of 5 - 27 MHz
• Input clock frequency of 2 - 50 MHz
• Output clock frequencies up to 160 MHz
• Extremely low jitter of 25 ps (one sigma)
• Compatible with all popular CPUs
• Duty cycle of 45/55 up to 160 MHz
• Nine selectable frequencies
• Operating voltage of 3.3 V or 5.0 V
• Tri-state output for board level testing
• 25 mA drive capability at TTL levels
• Ideal for oscillator replacement
• Industrial temperature version available
• Advanced, low-power CMOS process

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