Sunday, May 6, 2018

The most effective HomeMade skin burnt remedy

What an unfortunate incident I've got minor skin burnt as hot solder flux spilled and poured on my thumb. Initially it was so red and the burning sensation within the burnt area was quite irritating. However it didn't take long to heal as I took the turmeric root from the back yard and crushed it using mortar. Then added some water and mixed with tea - dipped my thumb inside the turmeric water a couple of minutes.

Surprisingly not only the burning sensation within slowly goes away - the reddish burnt area on my thumb not even visible and it's like 98% healed. Wow...i got remedy from an experiment that was used to heal inflammation wound cut before and it works very effective. So i thought it could work with burnt as well and it did exactly what expected. If it wasn't because of the turmeric remedy my thumb would developed watery skin peels that will burst a couple of days later. And along in the process the burning feeling will keep throbbing. I have been through a major burnt experience before from hot water - and it takes weeks to heal.

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