Sunday, January 14, 2018

Rectal insert medicine for infant reduce high fever temperature

One of the most effective medicine to reduce high fever temperature for infants / baby / kids is using paracetamol rectal insert 125mg. Of course get from doctor's prescription is recommended as to how many is required depending on the age of the child. I have been using this after the doctor prescribed this 125mg paracetamol medicine and it does effectively reduce high fever.

ARFEN Paracetamol BP 125mg Medochemie ltd - cyprus. Prescribed by Borneo Medical Centre doctor. Very good effective medicine.

After it finished and i need more so look for it in the Pharmacy a different brand with the same function but the dosage a little stronger despite the same capacity. This is Poro Suppository 125mg from Health Care pharmacy King Centre Kuching. This one from pharmacy is a little stronger and more effective but there is side effect the kid will have diarrhea but it's fine. So if you don't want it to happen go get from the doctor's prescription as above.

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