Thursday, September 28, 2017

Wideband LNA - Frequency Range 100MHz to 4GHz circuit schematic diagram

Very good wideband Low Noise Amplifier for high frequency range between 100 Mhz to 4 Ghz with 20dB gain. The circuit is powered by 5 volt battery and amplify by high frequency RF transistor BFP740. Refer to the circuit schematic diagram as below.


1. Diode 1N4148
2. Resistors - 1K, 6.2K, 4.7K, 27, 820, 3.3
3. Input and Out resistant is set at 50 Ohm to main the stability of the signal
4. Bias PNP Transistor BC177
5. RF Amplifier Transistor BFP740
6. Ceramic capacitors: 1nF x 2, 5.6 pF, 2.2 nF, 1 nF x 2, 24 pF, 8.2 pF
7. Inductor 200nH, 10nH

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