Wednesday, February 8, 2017

MR53V8052J-33R 8Word X 16-Bit or 16Word X 8-Bit/Page Mode MASK ROM


The MR53V8052J is a 8Mbit Read-Only Memory whose configuration can be electrically switched between 524,288 word x 16bit and 1,048,576 word x 8bit. The MR53V8052J operates asynchronously, external clocks are not required, making this device easy-to-use. The MR53V8052J is suitable as large-capacity fixed memory for microcomputers and data terminals. It is manufactured using a CMOS silicon gate technology and is offered in 42-pin DIP, 44-pin SOP or 44-pin TSOP packages.


· 524,288 word x 16bit / 1,048,576 word x 8bit electrically switchable configuration
· 8word x 16-Bit or 16word x 8-bit / Page read mode
· Single +2.7V~3.6V power supply
· Normal access time 100ns
· Page access time 30ns
· VCC power supply current 80mA
· VCC standby current 10mA
· Input / Output TTL compatible
· Three-state output


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