Saturday, December 10, 2016

UNI-T UT136C Auto-Range Multimeter - Measure Frequency and Temperature

Mid-range UNI-T UT136C digital multimeter. The very convenient feature of the UT136C Multimeter is the auto-range mode which allow coverage of all measurement without turning the rotary knob to specific range. Apart from measure the basic such as DC Voltage, AC Voltage, Resitance (Ohm), Continuity/Diode, and Current it also has special features to measure frequency in Hertz and percentage as well as temperature in Degree Celsius.

The only drawback of the multimeter is the AC measure has a low limit voltage maximum up to 600 volts only. Therefore it prevents from measure step up DC to AC voltage circuit that is beyond 600 Volts. But on of that overall is good including the rest of the functionality and also in terms of accuracy of measurement.

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