Sunday, December 18, 2016

CYT8117T33 Positive Voltage Regulator


The CYT8117 series of high performance low dropout voltage regulators are designed for applications that require efficient conversion and fast transient response.


  • Low Dropout Performance.
  • Guaranteed 1A Output Current.
  • Wide Input Supply Voltage Range.
  • Over-temperature and Over-current Protection.
  • Fixed or Adjustable Output Voltage.
  • Rugged 3KV ESD withstand capability.
  • Available in SOT-223 Packages.


  • Active SCSI Terminators.
  • High Efficiency Linear Regulators.
  • 5V to 3.3V Linear Regulators
  • Motherboard Clock Supplies.

CYT8117T33 pinout (configuration)

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