Thursday, November 10, 2016

STiMicroElectronics L1117 GK19W507 Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

Salvaged from Computer motherboards


• Low dropout voltage:– 1.15 V typ. @ IOUT = 1 A, 25 °C
• Very low quiescent current:– 5 mA typ. @ 25 °C
• Output current up to 1 A
• Fixed output voltage of:– 1.2 V, 1.8 V, 3.3 V
• Adjustable version availability (VREF = 1.25 V)
• Internal current and thermal limit
• Only 10 µF for stability


The LD1117A is a low drop voltage regulator able to provide up to 1 A of output current, available also in adjustable versions (VREF = 1.25 V). In fixed versions, the following output voltages are offered: 1.2 V, 1.8 V, and 3.3 V. The device is supplied in: SOT-223, DPAK and TO-220. Surface mounted packages optimize the thermal characteristics while offering a relevant space saving advantage. High efficiency is assured by an NPN pass transistor. Only a very common 10 µF minimum capacitor is needed for stability. Chip trimming allows the regulator to reach a very tight output voltage tolerance, within ± 2% at 25 °C.

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