Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Easy Simple Free Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting Circuit using Bridge Rectifier Diode

This is just one of the circuit that i made to prove the existence of electromagnetic energy from the surrounding ambiance. And the circuit is really simple just with the arrangement of diode bridge rectifier connected in series using 1N4002 few cents each. As a temporary idea it was connected on the breadboard / prototype board and each bridge rectifier has its own antenna. So the idea of connecting them series is to get more voltages from the rectifiers.

There are 3 bridge rectifiers and each attached to one antenna - where the antenna are made of copper coil wrapped on PVC pipe. Two antenna are place randomly around while the other one is tied to the power socket cable to harvest the AC electromagnetic wave stray out from the cable insulator.

Considering the simplicity of the circuit and also using just a common diodes 1N4002 - it is indeed quite fascinating to harvest around 3.7 volts to light up LED although it is very deem. This proves electromagnetic existence stray out many things i.e. AC current, Wifi, Radiowave, Phone signals, etc.

Another interesting finding is the Alternating current from our own body. So far I've read and see some people testing body heat energy from human body but not AC. So i am not quite sure how the AC energy coming emanating from our body - As tested on the video when the circuit is touched resulting in the LED glows a little brighter which leads to my testing how much voltage can the hands produce.

Using a simple bridge rectifier on breadboard / prototype board - the result shows 400 mV to 500 mV generated from hands on the multi-meter. And for that reasons we know why the LED glows a little brighter when it is touched because it adds up more voltage to the circuit.

Updated source of electromagnetic wave

1. Feet on the ground
2. Phone / Wifi / Radio Signal nearby
3. Charging phone / electronic devices nearby (touched or not touched still generating electromagnetic wave)
4. Touched generate 2 volt where phone insulating on paper while charging - synchronous charging circuit generate more electromagnetic wave

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