Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cheap Einhell Hot Air Gun review unboxing

Quite cheap and quality not so bad and of course if you see the advertisement and package of the product it looks very sleek and high tech. But in reality it's nothing much just an ordinary hot gun that blows hot air that's all. It claims to be designed in Germany whatsoever but actually it is made in commy's motherland PRC (People Republic of China).

The item packaging is very nicely place inside well designed box for the Einhell Hot Air gun. Inside there are 4 extra nozzles, one scrapper with handle i guess this is for removing painting on the wall. And all that of course very good. The color of the item is not as shown in the picture - as it is much more dull red in color. The power cord is length if very good 2 meters more than enough and it's very quality power cord with 2 pin plug. The instructions is typical Chinese product style - dumping every unnecessary languages to waste more papers just to make it look good.

The only little thing that is quite unconvincing about this hot air gun is the on off switch. There are two modes the first one is normal heat and the second one is the extreme heat and fast air blow. Little issue is the switch button not very firm it's kind of shaky and not so snug fit when it is toggled between the modes. But that's not very big issue it's just less convenience and there is a feeling that one day it could failed.

It says 2000 watt on the box.
The hot air performance is very good - it's getting hot instantly the moment it is turned on. The first level mode is already good enough and of course the second level mode is very extreme hot like a living hell. There is only one little drawback where the nozzle is not easily getting cold after used. It could probably takes 10 to 15 minutes to cool it down touchable by hands.

First time using the hot air gun there will be smoke coming out of it and also certain burnt smell - i thought it's going to burnt right then. But after all actually that's normal after using it sometimes there is no smoke anymore and the smell also getting less. I've used it to salvage electronic components and it does exactly as expected so no complaint about it.

It claims there is heat protection circuit - I haven't encounter extreme heat yet using it and i am not sure how the protection circuit going to protect the hot gun.

In conclusion overall the Einhell Hot Air gun is cheap and good quality - only the switch button is a little loose. This is truly a made for our life and for our salvation...!!

Design - Good
Functionality - Good
Power Cord Length - 2 Meters
Extra Nozzle - 4
Performance - Very Good
Hot Air - Instantly

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