Sunday, March 13, 2016

How to fix iPhone 4s stuck on/off button

I've search on Google there are quite a number of people having the same problem their iPhone 4/4s power off/on button stuck. It's very annoying as it making the phone at it most difficult to operate. Sending to the technician could cause a hefty amount of money to fix. So I've got this Yindon 666 5 in 1 screw drivers from super save from RM8.90 to fix it.

This is the step how it is done

1. Unscrew 2 the screws at the bottom where the charge slot is
2. Slide up the back cover to reveal to open it

3. Unscrew the 4 cover screws near the power button and open it up

4. Remove the camera carefully
5. Now under the power button there are 2 screws that hold it thigh. Screw the them loose don't unscrew it completely because it will be difficult to put back in as it is so tiny. Once there are loose push a bit the button board up and keep testing it by pressing the power button from the top. Until you can feel it back to normal then screw back tight and re-assemble everything back.

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