Saturday, September 5, 2015

How to set Prestashop to maintenance page

Shop maintenance is inevitable and sometimes along the line you have to perform it to fix certain thing or improve the store. During the maintenance phase you don't want to show all the products and the store itself to prevent unwanted error processes that could frustrate the customers. So it's better to put it in the maintenance page instead - so that there is nothing the end users can do but rather seeing the message maintenance work is in progress.

Follow this step to turn on the maintenance mode.
  1. In the Prestashop administration page
  2. Go to Preferences>>Maintenance
  3. Set Enable Shop = No
  4. If you have a specific page where you have a message to inform user maintenance work is being done you can put in the maintenance IP


  1. i want to add my custom page in maintenance page in prestashop
    how to do?

    1. Hi Akif a custom page is made by your own and you have to have an url or IP address for it. Once you are done with it just put the IP or URL of your custom page on the Maintenance IP. It will direct to the custom page you made