Saturday, September 5, 2015

How to change Shop Domain URL and fix the missing icon in Prestashop

After installing Prestashop by default the shop domain name is usually in the form of IP address if you don't subscribe a domain from the same hosting provider where the Prestashop is installed. So if the domain name is hosted somewhere and you have transfer it to your hosting provider server you will need to do one setting in the Prestashop administration page in order for it to show on the web-browser address bar.

Assumed that the domain has been transferred from domain name hosting provider to the prestashop hosting provider. And you want the domain name to appear on the web-browser instead of the default IP of the shop domain. Follow this step how to do it.
  1. Login to PrestaShop administration page go to "Preferences>>SEO & URLs"
  2. In the "Shop Domain" change the IP into the domain name from your domain hosting server
  3. If you have "SSL domain" you can change the IP as well to the SSL domain
  4. Click Save
  5. Test is - try to type the domain name in your browser it should leads to your Prestashop

Sometimes the problem doesn't stop there for most people - after successfully changing the domain name another minor issue arise. Some of the icon will disappear such as cart icon, phone icon, facebook, twitter, etc. It looks bad because those icons are missing and replace by a tiny square all over the places. This is because the icon still hold the old default IP url and you need to clear the cache to erase it.

Follow this steps to fix the missing icon.

  1. Still in the Prestashop administration page
  2. Go to "Advanced Parameters>>Performance"
  3. Under SMARTY category select "Force compilation" radio button
  4. Set the Cache option to "NO"
  5. Click Save
  6. Go to your store URL page NOT the administration page once done
  7. Go back to Administration page and "Advanced Parameters>>Performance" again
  8. Reset the SMARTY setting to the previous where by default click "Recompile templates if the files have been updated" and Set the Cache = YES and then Save.
  9. Once it is saved go back to your store the icon should be return back to normal


  1. Unfortunately, your method did not work for me :/ I had to do this manually (using phpMyAdmin). I found method here:

    1. Thanks for sharing the working tutorial tips.