Saturday, August 29, 2015

E-Cigarette mechanical mod with magnetic battery cover review

This one is quite an interesting design of the mechanical mod e-cigarette - with the full brass built it is certainly one of the heaviest you can find out there. Another thing is the magnetic battery seal which is not so practical in some cases. For example if you have a polymer ion battery that is sticking to a magnet it could turn on the coil forever and the only way to turn it off is by taking off the battery seal and remove the battery. Of course the end result is burnt cotton and worst the coil.

Whatever comes out from the mind of the designer - but the magnet on the switch button definitely is not helping. Nobody going to vape with their coil forever heating just because of magnet doesn't want to let go the switch to off mode. Big no to this one!!

Look at the battery seal and this is also the on/off switch - it's magnetic and make the battery stick on it. Because of the magnetic pull it prevent the switch to release to off mode as a result the coil will keep heating up non-stop and burnt everything in there. Keeping it long enough heat could potentially cause the battery to explode. The only to turn it off is by opening the seal and remove the battery.

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