Sunday, August 2, 2015

Drilling small holes before making big holes

Learning a little trick about drilling from the Ultimate Handyman youtube videos. This trick is simple but for those amateur DIY drillers including myself don't really know about this. The trick is when drilling using bigger drill bit it is essential to drill using the smaller bit first to create a hole. Then using the bigger bit to ream through making a bigger hole. The problem when using a bigger bit right away the process can be painstakingly slower and also it gives hard time for bit to go through as it required to drill larger diameter of hole. So if there is already a hole to follow the process is much easier, faster, and effective as the drill bit doesn't need to work itself alone so much but rather acting like a reamer. In addition smaller bits are easier to penetrate objects compare to the bigger because it's smaller and sharper just like needles.

Cool trick I've not realized all these years no wonder drilling is so difficult back then.

This evidence shows a larger and longer nails crack the wood when it punched through - because the wood resistance giving hard time for the nail to go through and also the impact of the hammer. There should be no crack if the hole is drilled first using a smaller drill bit and then the nail it.

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