Sunday, July 5, 2015

The First Blackberry Smartphone With Android Operating System

BlackBerry is already part of the history of the world of mobile telephony. The devices of the company have triumphed among business and professional users worldwide. But they have also triumphed among young people for their integrated QWERTY keyboard. Now, we can prepare for the arrival of the first mobile BlackBerry Android operating system.

The union of two giants

Some will see the BlackBerry as a company that is already in the latter part of his life in the market. Until nothing is talk of a possible takeover by a large manufacturer of mobile and Huawei, or even Xiaomi. In fact, it is something we can not rule out for the future.

However, it is so or not, the fact is that it would be wrong to fall into the topic of thinking that is a finished company, and forget everything they've got Canadians throughout the history of technology. If we add that will have the most used operating system in the world, Android, we find a remarkably powerful combination and could attract much attention of users worldwide.

Services and manufacturing quality of BlackBerry , with a known and open to new applications Google operating system.

The first smartphone in August 

The novelty is that there will have to wait until next year to see the first year Mobile BlackBerry Android, as would have been expected in any other circumstances, to be a common thing these agreements do not bear fruit until a few months. However, the first mobile operating system Google will already within two months, in August.

It will be a motive of economic range, aimed at the markets that are sold under the smartphone, and many users looking to buy a smartphone with a reduced price. Obviously, we talk about some African, Asian countries and Latin America, although in the case of BlackBerry probably also see the BlackBerry Prague , that's how it is called internally, in Europe and in the United States and Canada. By the way, it will be a phone with a full touchscreen, without QWERTY keyboard.

A smartphone with QWERTY keyboard 

However, it is not the only motive that the company has prepared for this year with Android operating system. Apparently also it is launched, but later, the BlackBerry Venice , which already itself be the true flagship of the company this year. A phone that does not go unnoticed to anyone. Specifically, what has been said so far is that it could have a curved screen like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge precisely also manufactured by Samsung. But also take an integrated slide-out QWERTY keyboard that allow us to use this classic keyboard layout we've both been in the company throughout its history, and in fact became the logo that today has. For now, though, we have to wait until August to see what we offer Canadians in his new smartphone with Android operating system.

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