Thursday, July 30, 2015

Belkin Modem Router N150 lightning strike fix

After one of the loudest thunder and vicious lightning strike my beloved Modem Belkin N150 completely stopped working. The usual green light turned red constantly and i thought it's over after more than 4 years of service. This is one of the best modem I've ever had after all the rest with the like of D-Link, LinkSys, Aztech, and TP-Link all dead by the lightning strike see bad modem.

So I've opened to check what's wrong with it and tested the red still red despite the internet status is getting the sending and receiving signals. Honestly I have no idea what's wrong and what to fix. In the end this is what is done "Fix sent and received internet status signal". The modem came back to life and keep moving forward until now and hopefully forever. So obviously i was trying to fix a Modem that is still good ;). Anyway it's good now. One thing to note is the constant red light indicator and the sent/receive internet status - indicates weak internet signal that we need to check why? the possibility is many and in this case luckily just loose wires in the LAN cable socket.

The Belkin modem router is really scarce these days - after the last time i bought the N150 4 years ago there are not much that i can see in all computer stores. I've tried to search in the Wisma Saberkas (Compuway, Boulevard IT, PC-Image), One-TJ,, Mudah, etc. No more info about the Modem. So the durability of the Modem is probably why the re-seller don't like it but for us certainly this is the perfect modem.

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