Sunday, May 3, 2015

Protect against sunlight and dust (plant trees) DIY

This is a long term planning to protect the house against excessive sunlight and dust. I've thought of doing this few years back but was reluctant to spend money to buy the plants beside I was unsure about which is trees is suitable. After some observation I've found this trees that i'm planting now can grow into large canopy if taken with care. It just need some trimming occasionally to initiate more branches to grow. I don't really know what it is called but I've seen it is planted along side the roads. The leaf are small but that is the specialty of this plant, it can grows plenty of leafs into large canopy making it the perfect defense against sunlight and dust from the roadside. Apart from that it is also quite a tough trees against the strong wind blows.

The idea of using trees against the sunlight came to my mind when visiting a friend house surrounded by trees. It was cooled even without air conditioner just using normal fan. And there an article on Google that says a single air-conditioner consume electricity equivalent to 32 unit of fans which is ridiculous. The only problem with trees are the leafs going to fall around the house but that's not a big problem.

I just hoping it won't take too long to grow taller so that it can help to cool the environment during hot days. For the time being the cheapest short-term prevention is using bubble wrap on windows.

Updating this post

This is what happen to the plant itself against excessive sunlight - the leaf are dying as the canopy not yet growing.

The only hope is to build shelter to aid the plant in its growing process until it grows a lot of leaf - it will protect itself by then

A healthy young plant grows out of the crack of concrete. I am amazed because i have to buy them for RM15 each in the first place and never realized it's actually freely growing hidden somewhere around the house. Damn!! Next time no more quick buy without looking around...

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