Monday, May 25, 2015

Cheap homemade mouthwash from mother nature - DIY (lime juice)

Apologize for wrong info in the video - the acid from the lime is actually citric not acetic acid. But anyway this is how to make your own mouthwash pretty simple using some fruit of limes and you can clean your intestine by drinking it. The corrosive nature of the acid will peel off residual food in your mouth and cleans away oil.

The only problem with all fresh fruit is the latex and it stick on the teeth when you trying to brush it feels like pulling off your teeth. Someone can think of a way how to remove the latex before gargle using the lime juice

Another thing is when you touch raw meat, fish, or whatever smelly things out there - soap or dishwasher detergent won't help so much and you can try it. Take a lime and cut it squeeze and wipe on your hands it will clean all the smells away better than all the detergent you have. So grow them in your backyard and it always bear a of fruits.

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