Friday, October 5, 2012

How to reset Internet Explorer 9 default homepage - AVG homepage

There is always a catch when installing free application software (such as Free Antivirus, Free Spyware removal, etc) to your computer, and the most common are the free browser toolbars always comes with it. This problem are prone to affect Internet Explorer (IE) browser since it is the most used browsers on the net.

The major problem of having too many toolbars installed on a browser is that it can caused significant lags or sometimes freezed the browser and in fact most of them are not necessary to be there. It is just very irritating.

Since we can't really avoid from installing the Free browser toolbars apart from the Free software. All we can do is un-install to remove it either from the Windows Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs or by Disabling the toolbar by clicking "Tool" tab on the browser and click "Manage Add-Ons".

After disabling and removing the default homepage of the browser still stays unchanged for example like the AVG homepage in my IE 9. How to change it simply go to

1. Go to Tool> Internet Options
2. Under the General tab change the default homepage to anything you like for example or And then click Apply

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