Friday, August 19, 2011

How to block and unblock friends on Facebook

Some friends just need to be blocked for some reason on Facebook, but they maybe needed in the future. Here is the step how to block/unblock them on Facebook.

Block Friends on Facebook

1. On the left sidebar click on "Friends".
2. Click "Manage Friend List"
3. Search friends' names and click on the one you wish to block.
4. On a friend page look at the bottom of left sidebar you will find the option "Report/Block this person". Click on it and follow the rest of the step.

How to unblock friends on Facebook

1. On the upper right corner click "Account" and "Privacy Settings"
2. In privacy setting scroll down to the bottom to look for "Block List" click "Edit your lists of blocked people and apps."
3. You will find the name of people you blocked

The annoying part of being in Facebook is that you can never delete or block friends in batches. So if you have many unwanted friend list then you have to go through the hard way to delete/block them one by one. Unfortunately this applies to Facebook messages, invitation, etc. I still cannot believe it why a website with multi-billion dollar revenue having such as ridiculous options to deprived its users.

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