Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to blog using Ms. Word 2007

How to publish Article to blog using Ms. Word 2007

1. Open Microsoft Word 2007
2. Write Blog Article
3. Click Office Button→Publish→Blog
4. Register blog→Key in username and password
5. Publish as Draft or Post directly

Note: Available blog platform Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, SharePoint blog, Typepad, Community Server, Wordpress, Other.

There are many advantages to write blog articles in Microsoft Word 2007 first before posting them to blog server.

Tables and Special Characters:

It saves plenty of time when it comes to writing special characters or creating HTML tables on your blog. Ms. Word 2007 provide users all these just by mouse clicking and no complicated HTML coding required.

Review Tools – Improve Sentences

Writing too much can disrupt your sentences, spelling or even running out of words. In Ms. Word users can help themselves using the Spelling & Grammar, Thesaurus, and Language Translator features.

Backup Blog – Save in local hard disk

Having the privilege being able to save your blog article in local hard disk, protect your work from being hacked or damage by cyber criminals. If anything happen you can re-upload them from the local hard disk backup.


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  2. The sync registration on the Ms. Word could fail for blogger user if Labels is enabled. So you must disable the Labels in order to successfully sync Ms. Word with blogger.