Friday, July 29, 2011

How make colorful HTML Table in Blogger using Ms. Word 2007

It takes sometimes to create a simple HTML Table by manual coding or even worst if it involves colorful borders, backgrounds, etc as CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code maybe required in certain parts of the table.

In Microsoft Office 2007 this problem can be solved easily and it takes less than 2 minutes to create a colorful HTML table with full HTML and CCS coding. Follow the steps below how this can be done fast and easy.

1. On the menu tab click insert
2. Click on Table Tab and Insert the number of rows and columns desired
3. Once the table is created click on “Design” menu tab (Make Sure Table is selected otherwise design tab won’t appear on the menu bar)
4. Choose the pre-formatted design and Play around with the Table style options to get the desired results.
5. After you satisfy with the HTML Table select and Copy.
6. Create New Post in Blogger and Paste it in “Compose” mode. Done!!

Table Style Definition:

1. Header Row – Highlight Header row (Top)
2. Total Row – Highlight Total row (Bottom)
3. Banded Row – Imposed different color alternately between rows
4. First Column – Highlight First Colum (Left)
5. Last Colum – Highlight Last Column (Right)
6. Banded Columns – Imposed different color alternately between columns

HTML Table Example by Ms. Word 2007

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