Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Facebook traffic statistic

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in October 2003 and previously known as Facemash. The name was eventually changed to Facebook when it was commercially launched in February 2004 as the new internet Social Media platform (Wikipedia). Since then Facebook users are growing rapidly and it took only 4 years to overtake MySpace as the leading social network site. After that Facebook never look back and users keeps growing, leaving MySpace almost irrelevant in terms of traffic comparison.

Based on Alexa site information traffic statistic the current Facebook visitors are closely trailing Google by approximately 20% margin. Diagram below shows internet visitors lead by Google and follow Facebook second, Yahoo, Bing and lastly MySpace.

Google Insight Search result shows that almost every country in the world is visiting Facebook more than any other sites and this includes the USA, Canada, Australia, and nearly all of Europe except communist countries where the site maybe banned by their government for some security reasons as they called it. Even YouTube is not really the number one and Google Insight chart below proves that Facebook is the leader of them all.
Some reasons why Facebook is growing rapidly compare to the rest. The very fundamental answer to this is maybe lies in its simplicity, flexibility, and it’s free to operate the sites. These three fundamental elements allowed end-users, web-developers, organization and government to share their common interest in one platform. It gives opportunities to everyone to use it without so much hassle and difficulty. Individual users for example use Facebook to connect themselves with family and friends through chat, image sharing, and free discussion forums. The flexibility allows Web-developers to distribute their works in Facebook for free such as games, web-tools, etc. In return, Facebook provide them with free internet-traffic they need to make money from advertisement inserted in their programs. Organization and Government body used Facebook to communicate their agenda with the general public. All in all the simplicity, flexibility, and Free gives Facebook the edge to be the number choice of internet users’ social media site.

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