Friday, May 6, 2011

Which is the better Internet Mobile provider in Malaysia?

Based on personal experience using mobile internet service I would say Digi provided the better out of them all compare to Maxis and Celcom. Although it might not be the best but Digi has faster internet speed and cheaper pricing. The only problem with Digi is the area coverage too limited, mostly covers the urban area as opposed to Celcom and Maxis which are available in the rural areas. Sometimes you may not find Digi's internet signal (3G or HSDPA) in the range of few miles away from the city.

As for Maxis and Celcom they have been a lot of complaint about their poor mobile internet service especially the unstable speed or even worse no connectivity at random times. This  problem seems to be continuing till these days as there are many people are still complaining about it.

I didn't regret to have bought the HTC Desire HD from Digi that comes with 2 years mobile internet plan (RM68/- per month)

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