Monday, May 9, 2011

The Lost Bladesman Review

I've watched The Lost Bladesman because i thought Cantonese movie usually have very good story line and a lot of political conflicts. However after watching this personally i feel everything gone the opposite. I am lost as much as the Bladesman himself, there is no clear story line of what's going on in the movie and ended up feeling sleepy because i couldn't follow it all along.

The main problem of the movie is too much talking, lack of conflicts and dramas. And The worst part is he turned to be the Rambo wannabe of the ancient past wandering all over the kingdom for killing spree with one single blades all by himself. As much as Rambo does not making any sense but at least he uses modern gun to kill and that is more logical compare to the Bladesman.

The whole story is just about love and Kung Fu, it's like a combination of Indian Hero movie who defended their girls with Rambo style fashion. It is also lacking the element of emotion because the Bladesman character is emotionless :(. Even the ending is very confusing as Emperor, Generals, and The Bladesman tried to kill one another but ended up none of them got killed lol..what the heck is that supposed to meant? However when the bladesman indeed died but that is only in the narrated ending of the story. hahaha...nice cheat code!!

Anyway my rating for The Lost Asshole is 3 out of 10.

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