Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to record PS2 Game play cheap

I’ve been searching for a cheap device to record my Playstation 2 game play but frequently stumbled upon the Dazzle video capture cost around USD $79.99 in most online store. Although I am very interested but I won’t spend that much of money to get it because I don’t see any other use apart from recording my PS2 game plays.

Not until recently I saw some people’s video reviews showing off their console recording stuff in YouTube. So finally I found this device called USB EasyCap 2.0 which cost around $11 to $20 based on the reviews. Not only it is much cheaper than Dazzle but also capable of recording other electronic media such as VCR, DVD Player, TV, Video Camera, or whatever recordable media you name it.

Having the thought of waiting too long, I opted not to search the item online but instead wandering around Kuching town to search for one. However the only place I can see the USB EasyCap is CompuWay IT store at the Wisma Saberkas building where it cost around RM160. Considering the price is still quite expensive, I ended up searching in where it is sold around RM59 to RM70 inclusive of shipping cost to Kuching. By the time I saw it and comparing the price with local IT store is much cheaper, so I did not hesitate to purchase get one of that. After 3 days later it was delivered to my home via PosLaju, and finally I got something I really want. Oh Yeah!

After setup and some hands on experience of using it, this is the video I made in YouTube for everyone to judge how good is this device.

•Device = USB 2.0 EasyCap
•Software = VHS to Video SE 2.0
•Model = DC60
•Console = Playstation 2 (Fat Console)
•Game = Winning Eleven 15
•Recording Platform = Desktop PC
•Operating System = Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit
•Graphic/Video Card = N/A (Standard Integrated Intel Graphic Card)

The only drawback is the screen capture size is too small when using the VHS to Video 2.0. Alternative software like Nero 7 Ultra and AVS4You video software are able to record in full screen but the lag is paramount. So it's still useless.

How To Record USB EasyCap DC60 in Full Screen

The VHS to DVD software that comes with the EasyCap DC60 is considerably primitive, as there are limited options to configure the software especially to resize the display aspect ratio.

However i am not so disappointed after many trial and errors testing it on other video recording software finally i found the solution how to record the EasyCap DC60 version in full screen. It's a coincidental discovery when trying my old PixelView TV Tuner PV-BT878P in Windows 7. My idea was to connect the PS2 directly to the TV Tuner but unfortunately there is no port for the PS2 white, yellow, and red RCA cable. But still i decided to install the PixelView TV sofware.

After the installation, i find the software has the options to select recording devices that is connected to my PC. When plugging in the EasyCap 2.0 and it was detected. Then i tried to turn on my PS2 and indeed i was able to play the games without any lag at all. And of course the most important is the PixelView TV display ratio can be adjusted at any size i wanted just using the mouse to resize it.

So now finally everything works as i want it to be. Thanks to PixelView TV software.

Download the software at Prolink Microsystem

Go to Download PCI/PCI Express. Then select your region. As for me i have downloaded the driver + software for Play TV Pro 2 PV-M4500 Win Vista 32 as i am using Windows 7 OS. After downloaded open the RAR file and select TVApp and install the TV application. Once the installation done open the TV software and right click on the screen and select settings. Make sure your EasyCap device is plug-in to your PC. In the setting screen select the USB2.0 Grabber done. Now you can test your device.

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