Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ipad Wifi + 3G review Google Map

I have purchased the Ipad Wifi + 3G at the Spring shopping mall Apple Store and it cost around RM2, 599.00 to be exact for 64GB storage capacity. The Ipad only came with Charger, Carriage casing, and the USB connector to PC. So I am going to review this Ipad based on my experience using it.

What i like about the Ipad Wifi + 3G

Portability of the Ipad is just an ideal gadget to bring around and connected to the internet where-ever there free Wi-Fi signals or 3G if you subscribe to any mobile service provider.

The Google map which I personally think is far much superior than GPS device. It relies on mobile 3G signals and the pre-install Google map on the Ipad. The good thing is that Google map display real images of the environment and roads instead of pre-drawn digital map like the GPS map. When travelling, just open the Ipad Google map a pointer on the map will automatically follow the path you travelling to on the map. This is not only work for cars, motorcycle, but also if you are walking, travelling by bus, etc. As long as there are 3G signals along the way especially in the City area you can track where you are going and your exact location in real time on the Google map. Using this device, it’s almost impossible to get lost in the city. If you are lost just follow back the path you have move on earlier which is highlighted in the Google map. But that is still unlikely because you can barely see almost everything in real on the map.

Sleek design as usual make the Apple Ipad is an adorable gadget to own.

Almost all things that you need to do on the internet is possible with Ipad as long as there are Wi-Fi signal available for example browsing world wide web, watching YouTube, playing games, music, watching videos, etc. All can be done on the go. Also not to forget you can still do your work like blogging or writing anything while you are on the go.

Everything is touch screen, and even keyboard is digital where it appears on the screen when you need to type something.

Something I dislike about the Ipad

The application software i.e. iWork (Pages & Numbers) are very basic compare to Microsoft Office and yet we need to purchase them individually on the Apple Store where Pages (microsoft word equivalent) and Numbers (Microsoft Excel equivalent) are cost $9.99 each.

Touch screen leaves a lot of finger prints mark when playing too much. However this problem can be overcome by getting screen protector or if you don’t mind you can clean it after playing.

Just like Ipod – most movies and music need to be converted to its format in order to play. Otherwise there is no way to play it.

As of now after this blog Ipad 2 is already on its way to the market where it was announce to be released on the 11 March 2011. The most obvious advantage of the Ipad 2 over the current one is the camera , which I think the main attraction for the new device.

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