Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to increase page rank in Google search by back link

Having your websites, blogs, forums, etc on in the first page of Google search is everyone's dream. This is because Google is the most used search engines compare to the rest like Yahoo, Bing, Altavista, AOL, etc. Unfortunately not all people's dream can be fulfilled because everyone is competing for the top spot.

In this how to blog i am going to show you the basic idea of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) how to increase your sites page rank but i don't guarantee the top spot because i don't know what kind of competition or niche market you are engaged in. Based on web research and net users comments on forums the only way to get higher page rank is by having a lot of back links to your sites. Back links means a link from other websites that leads to your sites.

Below are places on the world wide web where you can have your links leads to your site:
  • Free classified ads
  • Blog commenting
  • Ezine Articles / press release articles
  • B2B portals (for products or companies)
  • How to websites: Write how to articles that have source from your site or blog
  • Blogging
  • News commenting
  • Price compare website (for products website)
  • Product review 
  • Youtube and other video hosting sites
  • Yahoo answers
  • Forum signature and posting
  • Directory submission
  • Social Bookmarking: Stumbleupon, Digg, Furl, etc
Note: In order to have your page rank improve significantly you have to find quality sites from the above list and link to your site. Quality means a lot of resourceful information, relevant and also rank high in search engines. And also make sure the site tag is "Dofollow" otherwise you will waste your  time to link with "Nofollow" website which does not bring impact to the increase of page rank of your site.

If you have problem of acquiring a list of the above you can request for SEO service by utilizing your money to leverage your back link building strategy. By this way you save your time, efforts, and ideas.

That's how you can improve to increase your sites, blogs, forums, etc page rank. This is based on research done on Digital point forums.

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