Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to check if your internet connection connected to your ISP server?

You might experience internet connection but not sure exactly what is the problem. There are some possibilities why your internet connection is offline.
  1. You modem is faulty. This result in network breakdown between your computer and internet service provider (ISP) server.
  2. Internet Service Provider (ISP) freeze or having technical problems
  3. Phone line cable that carries the connection is damaged.
  4. Modem port is faulty
Then firs you need to check if there is internet connection between your computer and your ISP server. Follow the step.

Step 1: On windows operating sytem go to RUN --> Type CMD and click ENTER---> this will lead you to DOS command prompt.

Step 2: On DOS command prompt type ipconfig and press Enter. The result on the DOS command prompt will show your IP address for example like: or

Step 3: After you got those IP address record them and call the ISP help desk center. While calling request the technical support person to check if your internet connection is alright on their part. And ask them to check the response on their server while you do the following.
  • Ping the server by typing Ping follow by IP address you have recorded earlier and press enter. For example  Ping -->Enter and again Ping --->Enter.
Step 5: If there is no response on the ISP server your modem or cable might be damaged. If there is response of the ping that means the ISP server having technical problem.

This trick also can be use when your internet connection temporarily disconnected from the ISP server. Just make the Ping command follow by the IP address the server will response to your request.

Note: This is one of my experience before having internet connection problem with TMnet Streamyx. I thought the ISP server is the problem since they are prone to this kind of thing. Then one of the support guy ask me to ping on their server and there is no response, he told me the modem is faulty. I quickly buy new modem and it is true what he said, internet back to normal ;). My experience with TMnet Streamyx

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